Tuesday, February 24, 2015

20mm WW2 - Shermans from PSC

Continuing with some more 20mm models to reinforce the new infantry platoon. For the first game we played in December we cheated and ordered some pre-painted tanks from Grubby. But hey, nothing beats playing with your own painted minis so let's see if I can get a decent amount of armour done. These are the first with many more to come over the next few weeks.

I''ve always admired the work of people who know how to use an airbrush and regularly I'm staring at beautifully pieces thinking one day I need to give it a try. But I don't even own an airbrush and I lack the skills and time to master it. So I ordered some enamel washes and pigments, grabbed a few brushes to see if I could get a decent enough result. It was great fun trying out all sorts of different techniques.
Results are good enough for me, think I wait with the airbrush learning curve for when I decide to do some German cammo schemes...

Models are 1/72 from Plastic Soldier Company with the tank commander from Sgt Mess I think.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

20mm WW2 US Infantry platoon

You might have seen those in The Analogue Hobbies painting challenge a few weeks back but I'm currently working on a US WW2 force in 20mm scale. First up most of the infantry soon to be followed by support, halftracks, armour and some terrain and other bits and pieces.
While I've done WW2 armies in 15 en 28mm scale this 20mm scale got me excited again to do some WW2 stuff. It seems to have the best of both worlds. They have great detail and paint up nicely, don't take ages and there is a lot available in this scale in terms of figures, vehicles and terrain. They also look perfect to me on the size of boards we are gaming.
Except for some of the command figures, flamethrower, medic and one mortar team these are all AB figures.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Catching up with pictures of WW2 games..In three scales?

Five months? Ouch, I didn't realise it was that long since I posted anything here.
Well, apart from the first year this blog has never been been updated very regularly and I decided to just continue and to resurrect it once in a while . So I will just continue to throw something up the blog whenever I feel like it :)

First for the Dutch readers a quick word on Poldercon next Sunday in Utrecht. I'm sure you are all aware of this new event but in case you somehow managed to miss all the announcements here is the info from www.poldercon.nl. Not sure if it's sold out or not by now. I will be attending so might see you there.

PolderCon is the newest wargaming event in the Netherlands, that does everything a bit differently from the rest. At PolderCon, you can play in participation games, make new friends, meet up with old ones, learn to play new games, get better at playing games you already know, participate in workshops, game, shoot the breeze over your hobby, game... and had we already mentioned chatting with your friends? And yes, gaming of course.

So today a couple of pictures of games from the past months. We had quite a few games but taking pictures is another thing. I often forgot to bring the camera or the lighting was that poor you could not shoot proper pictures.
But anyway, we tried the campaign system from TFL and did a series of 28mm Desert games. Huge succes, while we only used the simple ladder system to start with it certainly added something to the games. You have to think just a bit harder on your tactics as this will have an impact on the next game and you calculate your risk in a broader perspective. No more 'all in' charges because we are running out of time but quick withdraws losing ground to save men. Simple example maybe but it played different, more realistic if you will. Another nice side effect was people start to think different on their support options and after each game I noticed them ordering and painting new stuff hoping that would save their next day...Not a chance BTW, British had four or five straight wins in a row.

Another fight lost for Feldwebel Von Vugt. Now Pay attention at the workshop next Sunday Marc!

Next up a game of Battlegroup Overlord. In our search for a company level ruleset (15mm and 20mm) for multiple players to use we have tried two games of BGO now. For us the most important feature this game needs is that it has to be relatively simple and fast playing. With six easily distracted gamers chatting over the next painting project we don't want to overcomplicate things. So far, BGO seems to meet our requirement while still offering good variety and concepts for a WW2 game.

Finally a 20mm game set in Normandy as well. We recently rediscovered the 20mm scale for WW2 after we started and never finished it fifteen years ago. So what do you do? You just go for it and realise you are painting the same period in yet another scale.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

15mm WW2 British Platoon

No games to share after the holiday so far so I'll post some progress on the painting queue.
As an addition to our 28mm games we have been thinking lately to scale down to 15mm and or 20mm for our platoon and larger games.
There are many reasons like time to paint, storage, availability of miniatures or cost but my main reason is it just seem to look right for the size of games we play. Or is it just that we are the average wargamer with a constant need to change and add things...   So 20m or 15mm was the big question we needed to address . I will spare you details on how our group came to a verdict but in the end I'm staring at my desk stacked with 15mm as well as 20mm miniatures. How convenient.

Well, I decided to start with a platoon 15's so I could mark those off and be ready to game Chain of Command and, together with Cromwells of the 7th armoured division I painted long ago, we can try the Battlegroup Normandy system for larger games.  One of the obvious advantages of going smaller is the reduced amount of time and this time I was once more surprised that I could finish those in under 2 weeks spending just six evenings or so. Probably four times quicker than 28's.
Next up will be some 20mm AB's, Normandy as well. We just could not resist the stunning AB models and the availability of so many models to spice up the table. So while we mostly reuse 15mm, the 20's provides a great opportunity to paint up some great models. Oh, and some terrain of course...

These miniatures are from the Plastic soldier company with the exception of three or four figs from Forged in Battle I put in just because I had them and wanted to feel the difference between the plastics and metal. Just as in my previous post I liked painting the plastics better. Much, much easier and due to their chunkiness they made me think of them as small versions of Artizan miniatures. So that's the second plastic box I like, one day I might become a fan...
The box itself is quite good. Enough variation in poses and with some head and arm swaps you could even get more. The weakest poses IMO are for the sten armed officers unfortunately. With just two different models I changed some arms to make them look a bit different. Also, the uniforms on some of the figures do not seem 100% correct. I do not claim to be an expert but the equipment seem to be on the wrong side at most of the figures.
Anyway, did not bother me to paint up these nice figures:

Section 1

Section 2

Platoon HQ