Friday, March 18, 2011

Start of ACW, Confederate firing line

The last three months I dedicated my painting time to ACW. This is a pretty large project to my standard but I now have three units and some artillery almost finished. I aim for about eight regiments to represent Georgia in Hoods division. Once I get the right flags from the flagdude I will replace the generic which I used now.

For the rules and building the army we have an approach we do for all new periods. We begin with a ruleset that allows us to play with limited figures to get started and inspired. When we have enough painted or combine armies we look for a larger scale ruleset. Most project never pass the first phase though :-)

With ACW we start using Terrible Sharp Sword, for larger battles either Black Powder or Guns at Gettysburg.
TSS are company level rules using eight man groups. If you have five or six groups you are ready to go. So I paint my units in two groups of eight and include the command. In larger games this will then represent a regiment.

These are the first ones ready for the table. 28mm by Renegade. They are large figures but I do like them a lot. Paint up easy with good results. I combine Renegade with Redoubt for this army. That's fine for me but don't try to mix Perry or other ones. It won't work.

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 Some extra shots in the now launched ACW gallery


  1. Me like!!
    Have you tried this for flags?

  2. excellent job mikereally neat. I bought some renegade ww1 figures some time ago and liked them very much and certainly would like some more for another period.


  3. They look fantastic! I'll be starting 28mm ACW this year as well. What rules will you use?


  4. Great work and great blog !

    Best regards Carlo Antonio

  5. Very nice painted miniatures Michael!

  6. Nice comments all, thx!
    @Paul: No, I use others but theflagdude's are really special.
    @Christopher: I will make it real easy for you :-) Copied from the blogpost: With ACW we start using Terrible Sharp Sword, for larger battles either Black Powder or Guns at Gettysburg.

  7. great background on this, bro!

  8. Really nice painting, good work.

  9. Mike:

    Very nicely done and quite inspirational. I have the same set of Renegade confederates on my painting bench, nearly ready to go. Hopefully I'll do half as good a job as you did. I noted your comments about how they don't mix with smaller figures - I have a total mix of ACW figs, Perry, Redoubt, Foundry, even old minifigs and and Ral Partha. Oh well, they manage to blend in on the table.
    Again, very nice work.

  10. Correct Mad Padre. They will blend in fine on the table. I meant that they don't mix in the same unit. Just ordered foundry cavalry (huge discount at Northstar going on now)as part of this army. Have fun painting them...