Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Age of Arthur, will it ever return?

When this WAB supplement was launched we knew right away. We HAVE to paint up an army for this. Colorful units, a variety of choice in models, shield decals to make life easier and a supplement that looked like lots of fun and with endless customization possible for the different armies. No time was wasted and in three months time we painted three armies and ordered some excellent painted terrain from Grand Manner. Never did such a thing happen that quick. And we even finished it.

Now, some years later, I sometimes look in the box were the army is stored. It got out two times for a quick battle. I think the scenery is used once and not even all of it. It's sad.

Time to put some old pictures in the gallery. To inspire myself and remind our group that we still have those. Search real hard guys and  maybe we can get them on the battlefield in the near future.

OK, some 28mm Romano British I painted and some battle pictures from the one time they have seen daylight. Miniatures by Gripping Beast. Only exception being the Dux from westwind. His standing horse is from Front Rank with saddle cloth added. Decals are from Little Big Man Studios.
For the Arthur fans: Gallery

Soon some more recent pictures of armies from my old website...
And I discovered a new use case for my Ipad. Blogging from a boring hotel while on business trip in Germany.


  1. Fear not my friend as Bill over at Musketeer miniatures is making Romano British as we speak to compliment his fantastic early Saxons. I've been talking to Bill on the forums and know this to be a fact. I've been waiting and harping on him for a long time to do them and so I'm pretty excited about it! So, I'm very confident it will make a big resurgence IMHO. ;-)


  2. That is really something I look forward to. Thanks for the update!

  3. There is a distant rattle of Saxon spears and shields on the other side of the hills. It seems they are gathering their forces and might even come to give battle. There are also rumours that a sececionist faction of the Romano Brits is gathering in strength. Troubled times are ahead.


  4. You know when to arrive Suchet. Just as the Dux lost his head. Now how big are those hills? Or is it a mountain?
    In excitement we continue the search of the lost head. Hopefully it is found before the enemy is in sight.
    We will see. Unleash the warhounds!

  5. It's the famous mountain of Lead those brave Saxons have to cross ! And after that there is still the Forest of Plastic, where the souls of the fallen roam freely.
    I've heard many excuses for avoiding battle in my days, but never, never encountered a foe who declined battle on account of losing his head in a vacuum cleaner. Is the Dux asking for a good dustin'?

    Suchet, still plodding on the mountain of Lead

  6. I should have known Suchet. No brave challenge but treachery and bribery it is from behind that mountain. now get dressed and face battle as a real man. You can take the remains of the bribed vacuum cleaner back to it's home in the forest of plastic. Now I need a new head...

  7. Good to see the old figs, and at least you still have them

    What did you think of the GM terrain? I'm thinking of getting some for my Viking Age battles. Cheers!

  8. Hi Paul, I think the GM terrain is well worth the money. High quality and the wargames standard is nice for the table. Most stupid thing is that our Fort actually was never used. need to learn to stay at a period a bit longer i presume :-) I think I will open the box soon and shoot some pictures for the blog to get inspired for this again.

  9. I'm still holding you to this promise Mike!
    (unless you already did it and I missed it like a doofus...)

  10. Hmm, I actually did shoot some pictures couple of months ago but never posted them..Will get it on the blog in two weeks after our SAGA day next week...Ah, wait, it's here: http://tinyurl.com/7o24d5n bottom of the page...

  11. Oh VERY nice Mike! I can always give it a good home if the Lads don't want to play with it anymore :-)