Saturday, June 11, 2011

Confederate Command

Painting up Generals probably is the most enjoyable part of painting an army if you ask me. Picking your models, trying out vignettes and different compositions and make an effort to make them stand out a little.
This whole process took a while as I tried many combinations and compositions. In the end though I ended up with probably the most boring result. Just round bases to make them different from the rest of the army and no large large vignettes with a ministory that I had in mind originally. Good and handy for gaming is what I thought. And while they are just what I need for gaming they are not as handy as I would like. Due to the flagpoles you need to take careful attention when picking them up. Will probably lose them on the battlefield in a clumsy attempt to move them around. But anyway. They are finished and waiting for a first game now.

Since I'm painting the Georgians in Hood's division they could represent Hood, Benning, Anderson and Law but I did not pick the exact figures for them. They all have beards anyway so I might try to make some additional strap on fake beards as seen in the famous movie :-)
These will act as a Maj. General, two Brig. Generals and I already posted the Artillery commander seen in the picture.

Minis are a mix of Redoubt, Foundry and Perry. The standing flagbearer is a Redoubt ragged rebel with a Steve Barber head. So yes, you can mix them. Flags GMB with the exception of the first flagdude entering the army, the Georgia State flag.

More detailed pictures are in the slowly growing ACW Gallery


  1. Absolutely amazing. Excellent work.

  2. Lovely!!! You´ve got a great painting style...and those flags!!!!

  3. Partly because of the nature of the Lost Cause, partly the higher levels of literacy in the late 19C, there is a tremendous literature for this war.

    There is wishful contemplation on both sides, as we read about different situations that occurred, and consider what might have occurred.

    Much of it is about the personalities of the different generals. We know a lot more about these generals than about those of other wars.

  4. I see these are up to your usual standard of AWESOME! I was especially impressed with the eyes on this officer:
    Probably the best I've seen at this scale, and I am pretty opposed to eyes at this scale because they always look huge or crossed.
    Great painting, placement, and basing! I look forward to what comes next!

  5. Great work, nice vignettes, truly magnificient flags and really good groundwork.

  6. Everything is A+: from the flags on top, to the bases.

    Excellent job.

  7. Excellent painted figures Michael!


  8. Absolutely stunning work for ACW figures. I really like the interaction between the figures on each base.

  9. Stunning painting and basing!

  10. Simply outstanding work. Absolutely huge motivator!


  11. Thx for the kind comments guys!