Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Conferderate skirmishers & casualties 2

That's it. Done. After a year of painting ACW I have enough troops ready for a decent game and it's time to move on to different projects. I will definitely return to the ACW in a couple of months or so.

The skirmisher are a mix of Foundry/Perry and the casualties are Sash and Saber. The casualty using the -count the tufts- system is Steve Barber I think.

All ACW stuff can be found in the gallery. Need to find a different place for this soon as apple decided to drop the mobile me galleries in iCloud. Idiots.

Recently I played a game with Marc and I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures of some of the excellent things he works on. He painted an impressive battery to shoot my rebs off the table.


  1. Your regimental troops look war-torn, weary, and determined, Mike. The elevated observation stand is a winner. Great job all away around!

  2. Mike, great looing rebs! I like your bases and the mud splattered pants!

    Franklin, TN

  3. Very nice as usual and I'll miss seeing the regular ACW posts, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes up too!


  4. Mike, these look really fantastic. I really like the casualties.....especially the "count the tufts" method. The elevated gun platform and battery are definately winners - great job, Marc. Must be awesome playing against those - even as they shoot up your Rebs!!

  5. Great skirmishers and casualties.

  6. Great stuff Mike! I also like your buddy's battery.

  7. Great looking casualties (is that politicly correct to say?)! I haven't checked Sash & Saber for a while - it looks like they have expanded their ranges.

    That signals tower is excellent. Is that from Redoubt Miniatures?



  8. Your figures are inspiring, Mike. I am doing a lot of ACW painting at present for a campaign I am running and you encourage me to want to get back to my paints.
    I have the Sash and Sabre reb casualty figures as well and they are impressive sculpts. S&S figures have a distinctive character that I like.
    Well done, mate.

  9. Thanks all. And yes, it's very nice to play against Marc as he did some great stuff as you can see. And I'm lucky since he is by far the worst dice roller on the planet. The signal tower is indeed from Redoubt Curt.
    @Mad Padre: Feeling is mutual, after seeing the Bluffsburg Campaign on your blog I tried to do something similar. Did not continue for various reasons but will make a new effort soon..

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  11. Excuse, I begin again...

    Your ACW collection is wonderful, I like a lot the Battery, and expect to paint something similar... some day. Very nice models and bases.

    Besides, thank you very much for follow my own blog.


  12. Great work, really impressive.