Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vikings for SAGA. Point 3: Bondi

First of two (maybe 3)groups of Bondi. Next group will follow very shortly and then I have 4 points to put up a first test game to see if the game will live up to it's expectations.

In the meantime I'm recovering parts of this blog since a lot of the pictures went missing recently. With a nice piece of Apple's new hardware I decided to migrate to iCloud last week. Wrong decision. As a long time user of their products I also used their internet galleries. They announced these end of life last year but stated that you can use them until June 2012; also if you migrated. Well, not for me. Two days after my move to iCloud the galleries were deleted..Gone. Together with the pictures on the blog that were sourced from the galleries. Fortunately I quit using the galleries after 10 blogposts or so and I still have copies but it's time consuming to put them all back. In the meantime Apple support is working on it now but I don't think they will be able to get all the pictures back in a way they link back to the blog. Anyway, I'm frustrated and I rather paint or browse the blogs instead of this %$@.


  1. Very nice, Mike. The slash marks on the shields are icing on the cake!

  2. Great looking figs Mike!

    I'm sure you will enjoy Saga, I've played about half a dozen games of it now and actually managed to win my last game!

  3. Awesome looking figs and bases. I'm interested in the rules too and am looking forward to your game and review!

  4. Loving painting Michael! That's turning into one awesome warband!


  5. Superb Michael,
    The shields with the sword marks are works of art!!!

  6. Fantastic Bondi Mike - I've got these Artizan figures myself but yours put mine to shame! The Vikings are hard hitting and easy to use in Saga.

  7. Very, very good looking bondis Michael !

    Raly good colours, very impresive.

    I realy hope you will like SAGA, might take a game or two to get the grasp of how to use the battleboard in the best way, and to be able to make the best combination out of it. I was hooked after just a small 3point tryel game:)

    Viking are the easyest starter army they are all charge!!!! and have realy good combat abillitys, but don´t forget to take advantage of the defens options to, get your best troops to live an fight in the next combat... You will know that you start to master the viking battleboard then you are able to get a unit in to combat after a tripple move and you don´t have any fatigue the enemy can explore:)

    About your fatigue marker question... our 10+ games, 4-8 points, we use a common pool of fatigue markers and never used more then about 20 at the same time... Might need some more if a you play against a Anglo-Danish player that don´t consume the fatigue markers and rather let then be for the enemy units to get exhausted...

    So about 20-25 in a pool for both sides would probably be enough.

    Good luck with the painting !

    Best regards Dalauppror

  8. These are tremendous Michael, absolutely superb! I'm thinking '28mm Victorian Vikings!'

    I'm sorry also to hear of your frustrations with the blog, what an annoyance. Please do not let it put you off blogging, as your work is too good not to share.

  9. Really nice painted figures, and I love the shields!


  10. stunning work Mike.

    Saga takes a couple of games to get used to but you get hooked but the complex simplicity of the game.

  11. Absolutely great looking unit! Love your Vikings!

  12. Lovely work - I especailly like the (leader?) Viking in the goggled helmet drawing his sword

  13. Magnificent, Mike. They look really gritty and (as they'd say from where I grew up) "well 'ard". The shields are brilliant.

  14. He Mike,

    So when are we going to play SAGA ? I have 4 points of Saxons ready to go hand tot hand. Even though they are at the moment not varnished (with the bitter cold not an option to use spraycans) I can alwasy handle them with care at the base so nothing tragic happens..

    Lets have a date... hmmm that might not sound like it should...


  15. Thanks for taking the time for a comment here. Appreciated. As a reminder the shields decals are from LBMS (link in previous post).
    @Dalauppror Thx for answering my question and the email. I've added all sort of fatigue markers to the painting queue now.
    And Rene@Paint-In, check your inbox, we'll battle soon.

  16. I`m so glad you moved on from painting ACW, these gorgeous models are less dperessing for me that way.

    Great paintjob, I really like how you make the `earth tones` of the period look vivid!