Thursday, April 5, 2012

First games of SAGA

OK, i believe the hype now...
Last week Rene (his report is here) visited and we played two bloody games of SAGA . We picked the first scenario and settled for 4 points each to get familiar with the rules.
We kept thing very simple for these games so I played a Viking war band with Warlord, 2 groups of Hearthguard, 1 group of Warriors and my favorite unit of Berserkers. Rene brought his Anglo Danish with Warlord, 2 Hearthguard and 2 Warriors.

The clashing Warlords:

The two games were very close with a win for both. It passed the most important and maybe only test from turn on going forward: having fun. It's not a wargame as I know it and at times it felt we were playing a board game with miniatures. That's just fine. I's a game and a very clever one.
You immediately notice the difference in the factions and the possibilities on the different battleboards provided with the rules.  In no time you start to plan your cunning tactics to find out the dice gods are betraying you or your opponent was just a step ahead of you.  Getting an Anglo Danish Warlord out of action for example is no simple task. He is so resilient the second game he survived 3 ferocious attacks by clever use of the Battleboard, sacrificing Hearthguard and defensive play. Until the Berserkers got their chance and finished it with a combined attack with the Warlord. No time for a nap in this game, you need to be aware and plan your actions continuously.

It's all over now for the poor guy... Berserkers!!!
The other thing I liked about the rules is that they are easy to learn and well explained. We both had read the book once but during the game we only had to pick up the rules in the beginning to find out we did the right thing. No rule discussion during the day and after the games we did not have any open rules questions which is remarkable for me.

The first scenario is good to learn the game but I'm eager to play the other scenarios and get more points on the table. I was bit worried once you know your battle board well enough it becomes much of the same but I'm sure the scenarios, using more points, unit composition and bad dice rolling will prove me wrong. I'm really trying to find anything I disliked but apart from the fact that from the 4 different battle boards they sent me 2 of the same, wich leaves me without a Norman board, I have nothing to complain. Game deserves a good review..

SAGA will be a great addition for our group. Easy quick setup, not 100's minis to paint to get involved, colourful period and games can be played and finished in an evening. I know the others here will like it as well and maybe this will be something for a campaign later on. I've been following the excellent blogs of
Dalauppror and Lokis Great Hall and they have some great campaign material for inspiration.

Some pictures, I've uploaded all pictures of the day here


  1. Another great table! The figs, the buildings, all is perfect!

  2. It does look like a winner; great report and miniatures, but I must resist for the time being.

  3. Nice report mate.

    Perhaps more importantly you played the game with some beautifully painted miniatures and buildings on a great set up.



  4. Thanks for the review. I just pre-ordered a Scott Warband for the new book and I will get into the game from there.

  5. A great review Mike, I may bite the bullet and have to buy these??? Great looking figures!!!!

  6. I had the same problem with the Boards, 2 Norman Boards and no Saxon one, so I contacted GB and the Chums at GB kindly send me Saxon Board so I have a spare Norman Board, which I'll keep aside for you.

  7. Nice work, Mike. Great setup and battle report. Padre definitely has a problem.

  8. Very nice looking games, stunning minis and high standard terrain. Lovely pictures!

    Realy glad that you liked the game to!

    Thanks for mention my blog:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  9. Great report, Michael, and your miniatures and terrain look superb. Yes, they are a great set of rules and we too like them for their ease of set-up and play.

  10. excellent report and lovely miniatures.

  11. Welcome to the World of Saga Mike!

    Great looking figs as always!

  12. Great battle report.. SAGA is addicting, why because it is just a lot of fun. The key is the battle broad. And having good dice rolls. Thanks for posting the battle report.

  13. Wonderful photos Mike! The table looks fantastic.

  14. Great looking game Mike. Now with Northern Fury there's another four more factions to play!

  15. Beautiful work mate - love it! The terrain and the figs look superb (as always)
    I'm hopefully having my first game of SAGA next week.
    And conveniently, I already have all the figures I need :-)

  16. Great report. I've played just one game of Saga so far, and I've yet to be convinced. I don't like the rule that allows my opponent to engage just two of my figures with eight of his and be able to kill more than two engaged models while only two of my guys can hit back. Surely if my guys are stepping into the holes in the line left by dead men, they should get a chance to strike back before being cut down in turn?

    I know thats how it works in most battle-scale games, but in a skirmish game? That one little niggle has put me off the game a bit.

  17. Mike, great looking figs and terrain as usual. I have been hearing a lot about these rules too and after your review I'll be looking for them to buy at Nashcon in May! Thanks!

  18. Well Michael it certainly look fantastic fun especially with so much eye candy on show!!!

  19. Nice report with some awesome painted figures!


  20. I missed this one and glad I just caught it! Super report with some equally super looking miniatures!


  21. Great eye candy and as you said fun was the main thing!