Friday, January 11, 2013

Sudan Game

I'm a bit behind on our battlereports but fortunately the guys here agreed to help me out. Each game we now have one volunteer who writes up a little story of the battle. For this game Jacco was so kind to write the report. I will take the blame for the comments with the pictures...
Complete gallery of the game uploaded in photobucket again.

On Saturday October the 14th we played our first game using the Black
Powder rules. The setting for this game was Sudan. Mike and Jacco played
the Mahdi's, while Rob and Sam played the Egyptians and
British. The scenario we used was made by Marc and was a simple besieged
hamlet, garrisoned by poorly trained Egyptian troops led by Sam. They were
short of supplies, ammunition and courage. Around them were swarms of
Mahdi's followers. But at the other end of the table waited the
professional trained British forces led by Rob who is always in for a
charge. Their mission was to relieve the garrison with supplies, deliver
fresh troops and to send the Mahdi's back to oblivion. We started a little
slow because nobody actually read the rules on beforehand (déjà vu). Yeah
we all like learning the rules on the run! We never actually came into a
flow of turns and as the game progressed we got more and more frustrated
by the rules. In the end we were not happy with how the rules played and
we never had the feeling we were playing a Colonial wargame.

Maybe it was the ghost of Sudan games past that was hunting us. We all
remember the epic game we played using the TFL rules and how the Mahdi¹s
drove off the British and captured the fortified town in a heroic assault
(thanks to the Riot in the town card) and this all in the first turn of
the game.

Sometimes you¹ve got to stick to a good thing.

We might need to agree on basing colours going forward...
Remember my rebasing post a while where I gave an insight in the tactics I would use?
Well, it worked! In the distance you can see the British routing in despair. Lucky dice I guess


  1. What lovely looking game! To bad Black Powder didn't work out for you as I really enjoy those rules.


    1. We need to give them another try soon with proper preparation I guess

  2. Splendid looking game Mike, very impressive !

    best regards Michael

  3. The Sudan campaigns have always fascinated me. I've been pestering Osprey to give me an assignment there. Seems they want me for ACW and Wild West stuff at the moment. That's fun too!
    Please put up some more of these lovely battle reports!

    1. You will travel there soon right? Hope you get your asignment from them.

    2. I may go to the Sudan this year wearing my other writing hat of travel blogger. We shall see. The readers voted to send me to Lebanon.

  4. It's always a great pleasure to come here and to look at your fantastic pictures and minis...and buildings...well, all is wonderful!

  5. Another beautiful display Mike! Good stuff.

  6. Excellent miniatures, terrain and a wargamer sharing them online! Thanks for that!


  7. That's one great looking game. Thanks for some much needed inspiration!

  8. Fantastic collection of figures and terrain, thanks for sharing.

  9. Great looking game, terrain and figs!

  10. A great looking game, some really nice pics!

  11. That's one great looking game.

  12. Lovely figures painted and photos, interesting theme !!!

  13. Stonking stuff guys - well done!