Thursday, September 11, 2014

15mm WW2 British Platoon

No games to share after the holiday so far so I'll post some progress on the painting queue.
As an addition to our 28mm games we have been thinking lately to scale down to 15mm and or 20mm for our platoon and larger games.
There are many reasons like time to paint, storage, availability of miniatures or cost but my main reason is it just seem to look right for the size of games we play. Or is it just that we are the average wargamer with a constant need to change and add things...   So 20m or 15mm was the big question we needed to address . I will spare you details on how our group came to a verdict but in the end I'm staring at my desk stacked with 15mm as well as 20mm miniatures. How convenient.

Well, I decided to start with a platoon 15's so I could mark those off and be ready to game Chain of Command and, together with Cromwells of the 7th armoured division I painted long ago, we can try the Battlegroup Normandy system for larger games.  One of the obvious advantages of going smaller is the reduced amount of time and this time I was once more surprised that I could finish those in under 2 weeks spending just six evenings or so. Probably four times quicker than 28's.
Next up will be some 20mm AB's, Normandy as well. We just could not resist the stunning AB models and the availability of so many models to spice up the table. So while we mostly reuse 15mm, the 20's provides a great opportunity to paint up some great models. Oh, and some terrain of course...

These miniatures are from the Plastic soldier company with the exception of three or four figs from Forged in Battle I put in just because I had them and wanted to feel the difference between the plastics and metal. Just as in my previous post I liked painting the plastics better. Much, much easier and due to their chunkiness they made me think of them as small versions of Artizan miniatures. So that's the second plastic box I like, one day I might become a fan...
The box itself is quite good. Enough variation in poses and with some head and arm swaps you could even get more. The weakest poses IMO are for the sten armed officers unfortunately. With just two different models I changed some arms to make them look a bit different. Also, the uniforms on some of the figures do not seem 100% correct. I do not claim to be an expert but the equipment seem to be on the wrong side at most of the figures.
Anyway, did not bother me to paint up these nice figures:

Section 1

Section 2

Platoon HQ


  1. Very nice, a great set of troops!

  2. Looks very good painting to me... may be too good for that scale and what you can really preceive once on the table.

  3. Those 15's are stunning. I look forward to seeing the AB 20mm. I like the reference to PSC figures being like scaled down Artizan figures. Comments like that will get me more likely to buy them!

  4. Excellent work on these minis Mike! Like them a lot!


  5. Beautiful work as usual Mike!

    We too use 15mm for our WWII skirmish games. The scale just feels right on the tabletop (I wish the selection of 15/20mm SCW was out when I started that period as I would have probably gone that route as well.)

    I'm doing up a section of AB Brits (as Canadians) so I'll race you to the punch!

  6. Fabulous looking figures Mike! The PSC igures look pretty nice. A shame they don't do any US paras yet...

  7. Great work Mike, nice to see some 15mm on your blog!

  8. Really nicely painted 15mm soldiers, Mike.

  9. Interesting - I'm a plastics fan but went metal for my 15mm WWII.

  10. Great work on those! These new 15mm Brits are one of the best if not the best 15mm plastics available at least in my opinion. Good variation of poses, nice sculpting and not too fiddly either.

  11. Awesome work on those 15's Mike!

  12. Wow, 15mm? They look fantastic!

  13. Once again wonderful work Michael! We are also looking at the Battlegroup rule set as FOW just isn't clicking very well with us these days.


  14. Superb painting and a great advert for the company. May go down the 15mm line myself after seeing these.