Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Honorary Member of Postie's Rejects

Now that's a cool title to reopen this blog after the mini-break. Unfortunately the break took a bit longer then planned but I'm ready again to join the fun.

During my holiday I had the pleasure to have a game with internet celebraties Ray from Don't throw a 1, Fran The Angry Lurker, Surjit (does not read blogs as he is afraid he might be on them)  and the ultimate game master Postie. Together with a number of others they are known as Postie's Rejects.
Ray read on my blog I was  visiting relatives in Kent and invited me for a game with the Rejects and after a couple of emails my first internet date was a fact.
Since Ray and Fran both did two parts battle reports three weeks ago I will just share some pictures and thoughts on the day.

When I arrived at Postie's house a couple of surprises hit me. The guys were already waiting and having a cup of tea to get ready for the game. Well, they were all drinking tea except for Ray and maybe one other. He was drinking something else which looked somewhat weird to me. Was he really....When he then mentioned he went out with some friends the night before I decided not to ask. But now I've seen Ray in action I got to know. What is this magical drink that makes you throw 7 hits out of 7 dice at a deciding charge?

Jokes aside the Rejects made me feel very welcome from the moment I walked in. They come together to have a good time and succeeded to include me in all the fun. The game was very well organized by Postie who prepared the table including initial deployment, handed out copies of the rules, wrote a scenario with lots of surprises and ran the game with great enthusiasm and humor. Every club would want a Postie and it made me think that we need to prepare better for our games since it adds so much to a game.

The second surprise came when they took me to the garden to start the game. Ok, the weather was good and I like the sun but playing outside? No way, Postie transformed his garden into a wargaming temple. Unfortunately I do not have a better picture but the shed behind us gives you an idea. A permanent large table and lots of terrain and figures. And that's just the shed. During the 'Marry me' pasta break which was discussed on TheAngryLurker's blog Postie showed me some other rooms in his house where he stores lots ans lots of painted figures.

Ah, I do have a better picture of the shed:

Rejects clubhouse

On to the game. As said both Ray and Fran did the reports so just a couple of pictures with comments.
The Battle of Pisek 8th July 1809

Initial deployment at left flank. I played the Saxons with Fran on my right side playing the French. Opposing me was Ray commanding an Austrian army

Saxons on the attack. The guys were quite surprised I actually went in to charge mode asap. Hey, no guts no glory.

Initially, helped by highly professional dice rolling, the charging was successful. Only a couple of batallions left to finish off

In we go again!

Ouch another one on the left. And it can turn and charge my flank as I hear...

Fran finds out Ray saved his best dice for the important moments. Ray seems pretty happy with it. What was it again? 7 hits out of 7 dice, needing 5's or 6's?  Can't beat that. Well, actually we did. We did enough damage earlier to just win on total points. But who cares, it was close and exciting game.

Fran and Surjit had a huge fight over the hill at our right wing

After the battle Postie had another surprise in store. I was made Honorary Member of Postie's Rejects and he handed me a beautiful trophy as a memory for the day. He even painted the flag orange the night before. Very cool and it got a nice place in the cabinet. The rejects now have a proud Dutch chapter and I hope this blogging community will expand further and we have some more games together.

I had a really great day and the rejects are just the kind of people you want to game with. Lots of humor while playing a fine battle with little soldiers. Perfect. So when you are in Kent, get in touch with them, they are open to it and I know you will not regret it. Be prepared for some Dutch swear words though. The last surprise was they asking me to write down some Dutch swear words for them.
Why I don't know, maybe it was to comment on my blog?

Thanks again rejects! CU@Salute

Links to the proper battle reports:


  1. I like that gaming hootch you guys have! Best, Dean

  2. Godverdomme (let`s see how complete the list was heheh), I want a shed like that!

    Looks like a real great day!

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself, it was a pleasure to meet you and your welcome back anytime!!!
    I had one hell of a hangover and felt as sick as a dog all morning, by pasta-time I was fine though!!
    The urine looking drink was just that!!...... Not really, its just very weak orange squash, that's about all I could handle at the time. Nice photo's of a great game, I still can't believe me and Surj lost, and I'd forgotten about the 7 out of 7 dice hits as well!!!
    by the way Fran is a Lul!!

  4. Looks great, totally jealous!!!


  5. An awesome day out indeed - congratulations on your honorary membership of such an esteemed club!

  6. Thx guys, and I want a shed as well. Nice one Ray, you picked one that actually passed the spam filter :-)

  7. Good report with fresh and exclusive details.

    Mahatma Gandhi drank some every morning and would have lived a long time were it not for the assassin.

    It's the source of the storied philosopher's stone in fact, spoken of by Roger Bacon and the alchemists, but no one else knew it would make sure you Not Throw a One either, that part is exclusive here.

  8. Welcome back MIchael; just great that you were able to meet up with the 'Rejects'. Certainly Fran and Ray come across as being wonderfully genuine chaps in all their posts.

  9. Great post MM. Looks like a great day out. I will put in to have a shed too.

  10. What a fantastic set-up. Every garden should have a club-house like that! Looks like an excellent day.

  11. What an honour Mike (I think?)

  12. Great looking game. Awesome setup.

  13. Looks like you guys had a great time -- most excellent!

  14. It was a damn good day and as we won even better, you're a good guy Mike and Ray is a cheating Lul, see you at Salute my friend and fellow reject.