Sunday, January 30, 2011

28mm Great War Gaming, saturday's battle report

Forget the Ministory, take me to the gallery right away: PRESSME

Finally. A game again. It has been too long since our group got together but saturday it finally happened again. Next thursdaynight another game so we are back on track actually gaming. We decided on 28mm WWI using Through the Mud and the Blood by TooFatlardies. I said it before but these our so much fun to play that we actually paint figures to play it.
Unfortunaly the player with most British painted could not make it in the so we had to go for a scenerio with British defending a German force over twice the size.
Rob prepared the scenario and gave both forces three objectives. I was on the German side and we had too find and capture a hidden observer, secure the bridge and as ultimate victory objective take the houses across the bridge. The British needed to defend the bridge, houses and had to secure presence at the other side of the bridge for them.

Game set-up

PhotobucketGermans deployed south on the table with the British on the other side of the bridge and some hidden units on the south side. The use of blinds and the fact that all places you can hide in can suddenly become an enemy is one of those aspects of the rules that makes the game exciting from the minute you start.

We played 7 turns (we like to take our time) and the Germans did mot make it in the end. They found and captured the observer but could not take the bridge. If we should have continued another three turns or so they probably would have. We stopped when the British HMG section was severely hurt and about to lose their bottle. This section did so many damage to the Germans because Sam brought some dice that were blessed by god knows who. He had so many 6's I think he killed 9 Germans with 6 dice...And no, he didn't bother for shock points. Next time Sam...We will somehow make them disappear:-)
So a well deserved vicory for the British and time for revenge next thursday.

British forces:                                                              Germans:
3 sections (1 hidden over the bridge)                            8 Inf sections
1 HMG section (3HMG)                                             1 HMG section
1 Field Gun                                                                 1 Field Gun
1 Cavalry                                                                    1 Mortar
1 sniper/observer

Figures from Renegade, Great War Miniatures and Brigade Games. British by Rob and Sam, Germans by Marc and Jacco. Highlight was the Jacco's Big Bertha (from hlbc) with entourage. Did not have a role in the game but fantastic to have on the table....
Reminder I need to do some sections myself. I did have some Great War Miniatures figures but did not paint them. They are good figures once painted but I think there are better alternatives. Maybe unlucky with the packs but I will switch to Brigade Games or Renegade now who are the better castings in my opinion.


And as a reminder not to mention football results in emails:

Game spoiler in action. What! is there a 5 between all those 6's?!




  1. Very majestic and a delight to look at! Love the workmanship invested into the table and figures!

  2. Really very lovely board and an enjoyable report!


  3. Very good report and astounding layout. What size of table did you play?

  4. That is a lovely set up, really beautiful, when I did WW1 I used great war miniatures mostly but reading a couple of blogs lately I hear their castings have gotten really bad.

  5. Really nice figures and terrain, sir! I especially like the observation tower on the wagon.

  6. Thx guys.. size was 1.80x2.00

  7. Fantastic models, board and game - excellent stuff!