Tuesday, January 25, 2011

28mm Napoleonic Peninsular British

First ones up here are some 28mm British units I painted to join my little Spanish army. 3rd Buffs in units of 12 for Sharp practice, our favorite set of rules for Napoleonics now by TooFatLardies.

The first ones I did were plastics from Victrix. I liked them a lot and there is plenty of room for variation in the box. However I found the time it took me to assemble/glue them very time consuming. I think and hope the newer ranges are a lot easier now.

So I tried the Perry box. Easier to assemble and they make a nice firing line.


Ok these are different poses but what happens if you mix them..Judge for yourself but I must say that it is different from behind. The backpacks differ in size. A lot.

I wanted to expand these to units to 24 but I ran into Offensive Miniatures and wanted to give those a try because of their marching poses.

So I end up with three different units from three different manufactures. I plan to paint some more of them but you guessed it, which? Not sure yet.

Last ones up are the Big Men. Testing the use of thumbnails as well...


I went for a pretty clean look with these units. For red I used a base of GW Dark Flesh. I mixed in more GW Blood red with each layer until pure and i think I ended with a final Foundry bright red. For white I used Foundry Arctic Grey triad.
The gallery for the British is here if you want larger pictures.


  1. These are lovely Michael,
    Really inspiring to any Napoleonic painter.

  2. You did a great job of painting these! Can't wait to see them on the table.