Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introduction, who cares for another wargaming blog

Just me probably....but that's enough for now.

Time for a change! After a couple of years struggling with a static website MiniMike I decided to modernize my web presence and start a new site from scratch. So far, things look easy to manage on this blogplatform so no excuses on that part anymore.

Inspired by lots of good and bad websites and blogs I will do an attempt to share something of my interest in miniature toy soldiers. I not only buy way too many of them but I also try to paint them, and try to paint armies even. And if that succeeds we transform some plain tables into battlegrounds, read some rulebooks to argue over and even play games with them if we can agree on a date...

Don't know if I will get any readers here apart from some of my gaming friends of De Koopclub maybe but I decided to just don't care. It's for me. Because I forget. I forget all the time what I did, how I did it, what colours I used etc..You know what I mean, painting an extra unit for an army you did some years ago and can't figure out what colours you used for basing, and did I mix that nice red?
By putting some personal notes and pictures online I not only help myself but also showcase my models and those of my gaming club, De Koopclub. Maybe they will do some posts as well and inspire or help the occasional reader as many of the other blogs do for me when I am researching another period.

So, first note to myself. This is the plan for this content now:
  • Transfer MiniMike site photo's to blog period by period 
  • colours and paints used
  • basing methods
  • snow tutorial
  • reviews of rulesets we play
  • comparisons of manufacturers 
  • review of terrain
  • my camera settings
  • battle reports, pictures
  • Koopclub calender
  • Painting style examples, does each army needs a different
  • Progress on current project:  28mm ACW
  • Koopclub member posts and pages
Now finding out the easies way to publish photo's. Not sure yet but I will start with a little preview to see how this Imageloop tool works...All 28mm from different periods and manufacturers.
Imageloop looks cool but often kills the browser. Try another one...


  1. Your blog looks as if it will be a cracker Michael.
    Look forward to seeing it grow.

  2. Thx Paul. You are my first and only visitor so far. Hope you will like it.

  3. There are probably other visitors. They just didn't say anything.