Monday, April 4, 2011

New blogger features, cool for wargames blogs?

Last week Blogger released a preview of five new dynamic templates that will be available soon. I'm impressed with some of the new views it creates around pictures and the different perspectives on the content. But what I probably like most are the speed improvements for loading pictures.  With wargames blogs being picture heavy/centric most of the time it could be interesting to use some of these new views in the future.

I am curious. Which do you like best and what are your thoughts on the views. Cool? Interesting? Confusing? Ugly? Move there asap or stay, it's fine as it is...

You can preview it here: LINK or try it on your own blog by adding /view to your URL address.
In the upper right corner you can switch to the five different views that all provide a different perspective to the blog.

For the techies...
From the Blogger Buzz:
Today we’re previewing five new dynamic templates in Blogger that you’ll soon be able to customize and use for your blog. These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, to deliver a host of benefits to you and your readers:
  • Infinite scrolling: read more posts without having to reload or click to a second page
  • New layouts: different views suited to different types of blogs
  • Speed: download images as you view them, not all at once in advance
  • Interactivity: there are now more ways to experience and engage with blog content
To try these views on your own blog, simply add “/view” to the end of the blog URL—for example, These new views are available on all public Blogger blogs with feeds fully enabled—to learn more, including how to disable these views for your blog if you wish, please see our help center article.


  1. Hi Mike,

    Personally I am not overly impressed. The only one that seems to be nice is the mosaic one but then again the text popping up over the image and the complete randomness of stuff publicated ? So basically I dont think that the way they are layed out are my thing , maybe the upload speed and ease of use might persuade me otherwise.

  2. Thanks for heading it up, but it´s not for me...all a bit too distracting.
    As Gandalf said, "keep it simple, keep it safe"...or words similar to that :-D

  3. Hmm,I think some are pretty but confusing. The only one I really like is the sidebar view. Nice and relaxed.