Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sharp game report

Last weekend I played a game of Sharp Practice with Rob. I lost big time. While that's not really big news the way it happened was. At least for me. Those of you that know Rob (and you all do, he is that landwehr guy elbowing his way in at busy trader stands at the popular shows) also know his aggressive tactics. Basically he will charge anything in sight (he prefers cav units) and if no enemy is near he takes the shortest route to make sure he can charge next turn. Okay, he may be smarter than that but you get the idea. This game he deservingly won by a clever move outmaneuvering half my force who were comfortably waiting for some point blank shooting. Hmm, I didn't see that coming. 


To start of we set up the table and chose three victory objectives. Church, very small village and the windmill. We picked some units to game with and diced for the arrival location on the table.
The French (Rob) managed to hold the church from the attacking Spaniards while his other columns neglected the Windmill and went straight for the village. The British could not react quick enough and the Voltigeurs provided enough firepower to keep the British line busy for some time. The Spanish grenadiers defending the village did  not stand a chance and the French soon secured the second objective. Game over. Time for some more beers.

Some pictures of the game....The full album can be found here: LINK

First, Rob's heroes of the day...

Where are those French? Ah at the village...


  1. Nice report and board!


  2. Agreed - the board looks superb - are those custom TSS tiles?

  3. Also agree,
    A fine looking setup with equally impressive figures Mike.

  4. Very nice game - figures & set up. I like SP for gaming Napoleonics as I can build units to suit my fancy and never have to worry much on needing "X" number of figures for units. Regards, Dean

  5. At the risk of sounding boring, that's a great AAR and figures, terrain and scenery are outstanding.

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys.
    @Mike. No tiles. Just a cloth with flock thrown over. Method I learned from my grandfather. We have various cloth and flock colors to create different looks. We save the flock after the game for reuse.

  7. @MiniMike: wow. Looks really good. I must try that :D