Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrible battle report

It's time for Salute. As I am preparing my shopping list now I will do a quick mini-story of last weeks Terrible Sharp Sword battle.

Our complete group was actually together for this game. Our aim was to get some miniatures on the table, play a couple of turns to see how the rules work out, see what scenery we need and get inspired to paint. This means most of the evening we discuss what we are going to buy and what our next period of choice will be. Apart from the inevitable Nappies (I've heard the new Russians too many times now) there were some votes for Viking raids. We'll see.

As for the game it was a bloody and pretty boring affair, esp. for the Greys. The Blue guys had set up the table while I was busy with the joys of the host making sure the guys do not dry out. Notice on the pictures were all that Blue started on the battlefield. Yes right, behind all that cover. Now notice were they ended. Yes, behind that same cover. I think only one of their groups moved 5inch all evening.
Since we (the Greys) outnumbered them with three groups (and we needed to do something if we wanted to test the rules) we decided for a frontal attack. Stupid? Yes, but we needed to do something if we wanted to test out the rules. So we got shot to pieces and did not get anywhere near them. So all very simple but we had lots of fun again and the Blues are experts in firing tables now while the Greys are the masters of routing rules.

Couple of pictures of the game. The complete gallery is uploaded to photobucket

These guys moved the 5 inch...Back behind the cover

You see, that's better..

Brave attackers

a die in the picture..shockpoints already.

privileges of the blogger, taking pictures and hiding from behind the camera. Notice the inspired Jacco on the right. Is he sleeping while Rob is counting his new record of sixes shooting at his troops?

Back to the shopping list. CU @Salute!


  1. I was not sleeping, just thinking like my father always says. What I was thinking? Just something Nappie said: never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
    So I kept my eyes closed but the reality is I'm still waiting for the mistake to happen.......

  2. Lovely looking board. Have fun at Salute!


  3. I also thought it was a lovely looking game, very nice figures and terrain. I have TSS myself and am looking for an opportunity to test it out. Hopefully it will be a less static game than the one you had. :)


  4. It was a great game, even though those bluebellies did nothing but hide behind those walls. But let´s be positive, it was a great practice run for Pickett´s charge. And we developed some home rules for using artillery to destroy those walls.
    If only Jake wouldn´t snore so loud while thinking :-).

  5. Loved that battle report and the layout looked great Michael.