Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Allo 'Allo

A change from the ACW theme today with a couple of French resistance fighters. I painted these a year ago for a scenario created by Marc that we should have played last summer. The game was cancelled unfortunately so these minis joined the ever growing group of 'painted, never used'. So Marc, we are waiting for the new invite...

Have to go to Belgium for work the whole coming week but next weekend I will finish the first figures from the ACW batch I am currently working on. Lots of Officers, Generals and dismounted cavalry to come. Also this week our order of painted Napoleonic Hovel scenery was delivered and we are planning a game in june to see how beautiful that is.


  1. They look great! Really like the colours used.


  2. Those are really well done, I love a bit of resistance/partisan warfare.

  3. ALLO ALLO, I shall zay zis just once...they look great :-D

  4. Lol! Paul beat me to the "most obvious reply to the title of this post"!!

    Lovely looking figs again Mike and an unexpected change from the ACW.

  5. Well done. I like the colours you choose for the civilian clothes, look very realistic indeed. I'll take into consderation when I paint some Spanish Civil War militia

  6. Goodmoaning!

    Great stuff Mike!

  7. Thanks for the nice comments. And good luch with the SCW militia Anibal, another great period to dive into.

  8. Truly stunning painting Mike.
    I will be in touch about some figs for the book.

    Maybe you could send some of your already painted and I can take the pics and send them back?

    Can't see any French maids?

  9. Thx Paul, send me an email and we work it out. Sending already painted is fine too. I am in the UK (Kent)first two weeks of August visiting relatives but I think you are way up north.