Sunday, May 15, 2011

Terrible sharp sword report 3

Slightly delayed due to all the Blogger problems of the last week I can now post the pictures of the TSS game I played with RobP over a week ago. We had a little more time so for the first time we decided to use the Campaign system in the rules. We diced for our forces and ended up with two complete different armies altogether. I'm not sure if we did it right (anyone knows?) but we threw for every unit in our army. Fun, and we got a range of different troop types on the table. Polished, good shots with Fowling pieces to rabble poor shots with the rifled musket and many more variations. We had to think how we used the troops now..
Only rules challenge we had was how to handle this differences in formations but a bit of common sense got us through it.
We set up a table like the example in scenario five of the rules.  After that, we decided to play scenario two and the dice decided the Rebs were  attacking again. They needed to get the troops over the bridge and move them of the table in the area of the barn. The Blue uniforms were patrolling the area and unaware of what is about to hit them.  And they got hit hard this time...Yesss

set-up with the new river we got from The Last Valley at Salute

All is still quiet

Early deployments, moving in on blinds


Initial attack

smart move around the house that won the day. drawing union firepower away from main attack

More or less how it ended, we played two turns after this: Six groups of rebs intact, all union except for one lost their bottle. we decided the Rebs could now easily march up the road
Some extra pictures of the game and the new bridge.

Again lots of fun playing TSS. We could have finished the game but we spent quite some time on the campaign system and marking all units and big men. Complete gallery of the day is here.


  1. Great report Michael. The bridge and river look splendid (self painted or purschased that way?)

    Maybe you should try the same scenario with Black Powder and see it things turn out the same....

  2. Beautiful set up, great scenery and figures and on a different note, nice full wine rack.

  3. thx guys..
    Ha, that rack is always in the way making pictures. But as the numbers for the reports are growing, the rack should be more empty.
    @Rene. Good idea but we voted against BP for now. The requirements for the table are not within reach. We have only 8'x 5' now. So next time when we are with the complete group we are trying guns at gettysburg. For smaller actions TSS is great.

  4. Great looking mini's and table

    I am very impressed with your painting style - it's one of the best I've ever seen


  5. Lovely set up!!

    Exactly what all wargames tables should look like.


  6. Very nice table. It seems to me you use a simple cloth. What about the flock over it: glued or simply thrown here and there, and then vacuumed and stored?

    @Angry Lurker: so many bottles... Hmmm, let's hope it's from France (ahhh, Burgundy). I reckon a nice Californian Chardonnay might do the trick

  7. Super looking table and nice report.


  8. Nice game and terrain. Regards, Dean

  9. Tremendous table and figures

  10. Beautiful looking game, terrain and figures!

  11. What a fabulous looking table and figures!

    Always enjoy reading your reports and envying your figures Mike.

  12. Nice figures and terrain.

  13. Lovely eye-candy! The river looks a treat. I especially like the shots of the infantry marching over the bridge.