Sunday, May 8, 2011

Terrible sharp sword AAR 2

Rebs moving in on blinds
I had a very nice week. Not much painting done but the group came together for an evening battle and I also did a full day of gaming with RobP only. Two in a week, that never happened before.
Today's report is the evening game with our small group. If you've seen reports here before you know that our evening games are more social gatherings for the like-minded than a forced attempt to finish a game in under four hours. That would be impossible anyway because we allow everything that people just painted on the table, (with the strange exception of my artillery that have not seen action after three games) resulting in too many units. But who cares, once we have set up a table, deployed and had a small beer we consider the night a success.

We picked scenario 5 of the TSS rules for this game and again the Rebels were in their favorite role; Get in contact asap and capture back the important maps Captain Suchet lost the night before. Wonder what he was doing? The game had some extra flavor due to the fact that all Blue command had a meeting at the time of attack and needed to move to their resting and unaware men once the alarm was raised.

The guys did not bring sentries so I provided them with a suitable mini from my Old west collection
But he did his job: Spotted

Union officers caught by surprise

Reb cav charging through confused Union ranks

Another view of the early success, just because I like it :-)

Ouch, they do have artillery..

Actions on the right wing. Lt Marc has found himself some fences again.

The left wing, Captain Suchet (RobvS) on the attack

Rob Suchets Rebs

Part of Jake's newly painted and impressive Iron Brigade

One of Marc's nice units, easy to find, just spot the cover on the table :-)

RobP's artillery was on a little hill. At one point they wanted to fire canister over own troops. Good or bad idea?

I failed to shoot pictures every turn so I will conclude telling you we decided on a draw for this game. We simply did not have enough time to finish the game but had great fun playing only the first phases. Another couple of pictures of the game and the complete gallery of this game is on photobucket.

Nice view on Rob's Renegade minis

Yes, those are Marc's, ..... Ok I stop now Marc

years ago I bought RobP some casualty markers for his birthday. Now he gets back at me placing those hideous things on top of his figures. Not that he looks very happy at the sight of his almost broken units though.

The other two Union officers, Jacco and Marc. They just discovered Rebels are allowed to shoot in this ruleset

That's it. I had a defeat before, a draw now and a game just played. Looking forward to make the AAR for that one. I also cleaned my camera lens. Pretty annoying to notice the lens was dirty so that's another thing to think of.
And looking at the pictures I've added some casualty figures to the painting line as well...

ADDED (for Paulalba:)
Comparison shot of GMB designs, shaped by me, and The Flag dude. One is first silk with yellow edges but you get the idea. Actually not all Union flags are Flagdude(see comments), there is also Flags from the lads (yet another) shaped by our master shaper,RobP...
Everybody has a different favorite and both deserve it. I picked GMB for ACW. Might do a post soon with some shots of many different brands....
left flagdude, right GMB
click to enlarge


  1. :-) looks great all round,
    How do you get the flags to look (well like flags fluttering in the wind?).

  2. Good looking bloody game, great pictures, nice one.

  3. Thanks guys! Paul, I use GMB flags for which you have to glue the front and back sides around the pole. I use watered down white glue and when the glue is still wet you can bend and reshape the flag. I use the end of a thin brush to make the shapes (rolling the flag around the brush). Can be a bit tedious sometimes but it's easy. Makes sense?

  4. Thanks Mike, pretty accurate report, it was a great game, lots off laughs. Firing canister over own troops is a very bad idea and wasn't done in the american civil war by my knowledge (I looked it up in a book about Chancellorsville by Steven Sears).

    The Union flags are from the flag dude by the way (, excellent flags and a very nice guy.

    Mike, I remember you're the guy who kept stuffing our shopping cart with fences at Salute.........?

  5. Great looking table and figures!

    And a great tip re the Flags!

  6. Hi Michael,
    That's pretty much how I do my own but haven't managed to get as much life in mine. Maybe because mine are 15mm or paper? Anyway yourse look great. I seen the GMB flags on Saxon Dogs Russians at Falkirk and they looked incredibly detailed.

  7. I especially like the view down the artillery barrel.

  8. Great game! I like the shots taken at figures' eye-level.

  9. Absolutely fantastic looking board Michael!!

    Paul those flags that are really blowing in the wind are from the flag dude.


  10. Thanks again..
    @Jake..Thought so about that canister. Thx for actually looking it up. And I know about the fences, but didn't you do anything you regretted later?

    Added comparison shot and some info for the flags to the post to clear thing up. I hope...

  11. Great report, beautiful minis - what more could we ask for? A great blog you have here Mike.


  12. Mike, great set up ...great job on the minis

  13. Great layout and figures! I love the shot down the barrel of the gun, there's some very tempting targets!

  14. Very nice! Love the pic looking down the cannon barrel!

  15. Great figs and terrain that produced an excellent AAR!!