Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15mm Napoleonic project?

Choices.It's one of the most frustrating things of the hobby for me. I simply like too many things and have too little time to do all the things I want. In the past when I really wanted to get into a period I bought pre painted figures but I quit doing this. Way too many painted figures ended up in boxes that were opened once or twice. And when we played a game I preferred to use the figures I painted myself.

One of these choices is about playing larger Napoleonic battles. Now I am a complete 28mm fan and will always paint those but with limited time and changing projects every couple of months I will never get a really larger force on the table. It will take me about two years I guess to paint a couple of Prussian battallions inbetween other projects. So once in a while I investigate other scales (I even ordered 6mm samples after I was blown away at Salute 2009 by a 6mm Wagram game) and recently rediscovered a box of pre painted 15mm French Napoleonics bought in 2006 which ended up in the drawer I mentioned. At that time club decided to do Naps in 15mm but we were  disappointed with the quality of the painting and the castings of the figures we bough that we moved on to do different things. We took the loss as man do and simply ignored 15mm from that day.

Untill last week. When I saw the box while cleaning out a cabinet I had to give it a try. I quickly put them on bases and threw some army painter dip over the miniatures. Next evening I simply highlighted the main colors and start basing work. Again the next evening I painted the base and varnished the unit. Ready. Total time spent about three hours for a unit of 36. Impressive by my standard. The quality you can judge for yourself.

Dipped, highlighted and based

Out of the box


Currenly I have 10 battallions and four Cavalry units waiting for a makeover. Not enough fot the really big battles but it will do to see if I like this and test out some rules against an Austrian army we can use.

Draft plan is to get the units done inbetween the current ACW project over the next few weeks and do a game after. If I like it I might order some more of these since they come very cheap and present value for money in the end. Generals and vignettes I will paint myself. Any suggestions on who has the nice ones? I know almost nothing on 15mm. I did find some nice scenery at total battle miniatures and still looking for trees/forest.

You see, I have it all thought out. Now let's see if I actually do it.


  1. They look great! I love 15mm because you can get decent detail and speed through troops and get em on the table. 28mm is just as nice but takes a tad more to get on the table.

    Anything smaller than 15mm is not my favorite ...

  2. wow they look great, have you looked at 10mm stuff as they have almost as much detail as 15's but cheaper.
    I started on 15's but most of my stuff now is 28mm as you say they are just fun to paint.
    Peace James

  3. I am a 28mm nut but now and again I buckle, these are really great, lovely work.

  4. They came up really well. Incidentally, how do you find photographing them? I've only taken shots of my 25mm figs, but at one point I need to rationalise my 15mm Russians for 2012. I have no idea if I should be doing anything different when I get around to taking pictures of them!

  5. You did a fine job with these Michael in a very short time.

    Wish I wasn't such a slow painter.

  6. Thx guys. No I did not look at 10mm James. But only because I already had these and could start without any investment.
    @Caliban. I just used the same settings (except I forgot whitebalance in some) as I do for 28mm. You only need to experiment a bit with the distance you take the picture from but it is about the same.
    I am a slow painter as well unfortunately. This is just cheating but hey, it works...
    I got a bit quicker the last year by changing some things in the painting process. I might do a post about this in the future but one simple thing that helped me was reminding myself constantly of one rule: Stop thinking and start doing.

  7. They look very good for a quick job. Not my size (bad eyes) but they're excellent painted. :-D