Friday, March 25, 2011

Ragged rebs marching in

It took them seven years to arrive but hey...
I finally based them! Most of these I painted seven years ago and finally they are ready for action. When I started this project I knew I could make a quick start because I had done two regiments already.  Since my painting improved over the years I decided to tidy them up a bit. Added some extra highlights and repainted couple of shirts, trousers or a face I was not happy about.
The first brigade (Benning if I ever get the flags) of five regiments will be ready in April. They are all Renegade and Redoubt. I am in doubt now for the next brigade. Should I stay with the larger figures or can I get away with the smaller Perry/Foundry ranges? Not sure if how big the difference is...

Added them to the ACW gallery.


  1. these look great as for mixing foundry/perrys with renegade. I think if you do not mix them in units they will look fine, there is a fair difference if put next to each other.
    Peace James

  2. if you are looking to buy foundry have a look at Northstar they are selling off foundry half price ATM

  3. Excellent! Great choice of colours.


  4. Nicely done Mike, nice colour selection with good variation on the main theme.

  5. Very nicely done! Ditto to what James said- as long as they are in separate units the size unit shouldn't be that big of a deal once you have them on a table.

  6. Thx. I did order Foundry cav already this week at Northstar. The good inf packs are sold out unfortunately. Great tip!

  7. Wonderfull painted figures Michael!
    When I look at these figures, I think you could even use them for American War of Independence.