Wednesday, March 30, 2011

37th North Carolina (for now)

Finished this regiment over the weekend. Bit of a mess with some old figures that I wanted to reuse and some others accidentally based in the wrong unit (two skirmishers in the back of the left base). It's not so coherent as I would like but then again, unit will be fine to game with. Still a temporary flag (37th NC) while I am awaiting the flags for some Georgia Regiments in Hood's division.

This weekend I will base the skirmishers and artillery battery I have finished painting. Currently working on the next fresh regiment and I try to make a picture after each color applied in an attempt to create a tutorial how to paint up a reb regiment. Will have to see how that works out and if it is of any use. Still in doubt but I am making notes for the first time on color triads I used...

All are from Redoubt and now added to the ACW gallery