Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our first AWI skirmish battle

Last saturday my good friend Rob and I set up a little AWI game. Something small just to see how the rule mechanics work out and to see if it would match our expectations for a larger awi skirmish.
Since I  only painted one group of riflemen and Rob only had 2 groups of continentals we limited the British to three groups as well. Rob was in charge of the British and his objective was to break out from the house and move the wagon off the table somewhere. My task was simple, stop him and take the house.
We used Sharp Practice with the awi supplements This land divided and Fire and Sword.

set-up, a guaranteed Continental win

The game was fun as the British tried to break out with two groups while another tried something of a flank move? Or what was it Rob? Anyway they outpositioned themselves and got shot to pieces quickly. My dicing also helped  a bit. So the group can be reassured, no more 6's for me anymore the next three years.

target practice 

The real fighting was done around the house with some brave charges from both sides. It was close but when the rebel militia finished their target practice exercise the British found themselves surrounded.
All was lost for them although they tried to sneak the wagon out behind my back. No luck though, the treasure was for the rebels and the house taken.

Of course, at that stage you forget to take pictures so I include a couple of images from the day.

For us these rules with it's supplements work out just fine for our larger skirmishes. We feel it does justice to the period. Maybe even more than Napoleonic where it originates from. While we like playing the Nap version we sometimes have difficulties with the skirmish aspect when we use traditional formations and think we command battalions in a skirmish game.

Rob's mounted riflemen..not used today

Finally some close-ups from the two perry riflemen packs I painted.. All the pictures of the game are in this album.


  1. Looks like a really good game, nice photo's as well.

  2. Love the period and nice looking board. Lovely painted miniatures as well.


  3. Beautiful looking game and you did the Perry figures justice to be sure. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great job of painting on the riflemen! I plan on getting a few of these to add to my collection. I had two forefathers who were in Morgan's Riflemen Regiment in the Revolutionary War.