Friday, March 4, 2011

First Prussian battalion finished

Yes, done! This week I finished basing this battalion ans I can deduct one of my long Prussian to do list.
We have a long term Waterloo project and everybody in our group is painting different battalions. In 2015 this should result in a massive game after visiting the anniversary.
One of my contributions are some Prussian battalions. So please welcome the I Musketier Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment ´6th Reserve´. Part of the 15th Infantry Brigade under General Major von Losthin in Bulow´s IV Corps. Next up will be the II Musketier Battalion but it won´t start them until I finished my ACW over the next two months or so. I also want to do a step by step for the Prussians to remind myself what colors I used and in what order.

The miniatures are from Calpe and are a painters dream. Easy to paint, endless poses, no flash, no mouldlines. Just perfect IMO. I know Warlord has plastic Landwehr now and the Perries are about to release Prussians but these will be very, very difficult to beat in quality. I already decided I won´t switch.


  1. Lovely painting! Our club's Prussian also has Calpe and swears by them, too.

    Excuse my ignorance, but is there a reason why some figures have pink facings and others have red? Was this regiment a combination of 2 others?

  2. These are looking great.
    Although I don't paint these kind of army's I like to look at them how other people do paint them. Maybe in the future I will paint some just for the painting. :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    You should Hein :-) It's great fun. Moving them around is fun as well.

    @Rosbif. Copied from the Napoleon series website:
    On March 25 of that year, the 6th R.I.R. became the First Westphalian Regiment (No 18). In his L'Armée Prussienne de Waterloo, F R Bourdier states that the majoirty of men had received the regulation uniform (rose pink facings and white shoulder straps) by June 1815, but a small number 'quelques rares élements' still retained the old uniforms. In addition some men wore the regulation uniform but with crimson or yellow facings, while others had removed these old facings but had not received rose coloured cloth and went to war with collar and cuffs in the same colour as the kollet.

  4. I concure with Rosbif & Hein, these are loverly looking models. Most impresive indeed!

  5. wonderful painting! I really like them! Are they the beginning of an army in the making?

  6. Those look just fantastic! Wish the company did more then just Prussians.
    You named an important factor in models when you said fun to paint and I feel that way about Artizan miniatures.


  7. Holy Cows,

    Mike excellent painting and the basing just superb !!!
    What did you use as "sand" on your bases ??


    which rules are you aiming for Mike ? > Blackpowder me presumes ?

  8. Yes Achilles, but I am slow and easily attracted to other periods so It will take some time.

    @Christopher I agree on Artizan, perfect to paint as well. Thought Calpe is expanding with French but I am not sure. I surely hope so.

    @ René
    I used Vallejo white pumice 26.212 as a base. Then applied some flock ranging from very, very fine (quarzsand from Busch) to regular size flock. Sand from the Sandpit (zandbak) is good as well.
    Did not decide on the ruleset. Black powder or General de Brigade. So far we are using Sharpe practice but these won't work at this level.
    Any experience or recommendation?

  9. WOW!!! They look beautifull!! Lovely painting and basing,,,

  10. These are stunning,
    Great to see you putting together a Napoleonic army. Lots of cool figures to look forward to.

  11. Mike,

    One more question regarding base size. Have you guys decided on anything definitive yet or just whatever everyone feels is okay ?

  12. Everything is OK René. I just base how I feel it looks best. We don't let rules dictate it. For rank and file we generally use 40x40 (4). Do you have plans in this direction?

  13. Brilliant. Really I love the painting. Eventho I think the 2nd generation Calpe prussians are the better miniatures.

    One thing doesn't look quite right tho: left side 3rd(?) rank. There's a foot-officer with grey frock-coat and peaked cap. Somehow it looks like parts of his lower abdomen are missing on the photo.

  14. Thanks Schrumpfkopf, never noticed and don't know what happened with the picture. What I do see now is that a lot of pictures are missing here and on the complete blog. Apparently Apple deleted my mobileme galleries after a move to icloud. I quit using those but a lot of blog content is missing.