Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini break

The next four weeks I will be travelling so I won't be able to make any posts here. First two weeks of travelling are work related but following that it's time for a holiday. This year we are visiting relatives in Kent and spend a couple of days in London. Unfortunately there are no shows in August in the area but I hope to visit Hastings for a day and I'm sure I'll find some other historically interesting things to see . I will take the iPad with the wargames killer app so I will have your blogs to read while on the road.

After the break I continue to do some more ACW Regiments, start with Early French and maybe even do a small Dark ages project this year. I will also put my other collections online including ancients, my old west town and WWII.
A post needs a picture and while I almost finished the next ACW Regiment I did not make it before the break. I realize I never showed a full picture of the avatar I use so here it is. Maybe it's time for a new one after the break.

 It was good fun the first half year in the wargaming blogger world. I Learned a lot, got inspired daily and made lots of new (virtual) friends. While sometimes time consuming this blogging thing is well worth it.
So a big thanks to all the readers and commenters on this little blog!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Confederate casualties

Four casualty markers for the first (now completed) Brigade. As with the other casualty markers the number of tufts on each side will tell you how many casualties the unit has. I started painting the next Regiment but was distracted by the arrival of the miniatures for the next project later this year. Will blog about it later but I can tell you the Eureka French Revolutionary minis are among the finest on the market. I plan to use them for the Wars of the Third and Fourth coalition.
Casualties figures are from Perry Miniatures and Redoubt Enterprises.

Will do a Brigade shot soon Josiah, just need better weather as I want to do it outside.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confederate skirmishers 2

With these skirmishers finished I only have to do a couple of casualty markers and the first Brigade with all the bells and whistles will be done. It'a group of eight for our Terrible Sharp Sword games and combined with the first group they form the skirmish screen for the Brigade in Guns at Gettysburg games.
Figures are from Redoubt Enterprises.
Added to the ACW Gallery