Monday, October 22, 2012

Eureka Miniatures Early French Battalion

Officer for Sharpe Practice games
Done... This first Napoleonic Early French  battalion kicks off a new long term project. I wanted to do an early French army for a long time and when some guys from the group had their eye on the Russians and Austrians last year this new project was born very quickly. My plan is to paint seven or so of these Eureka battalions. While initially painted for the Wars of the Third Coalition I will allow them to join the later army up to 1807 and use them with little modification for the Revolutionary wars in Europe and Egypt. So these battalions will give me a great base to expand on and paint up theatre specific units for the various armies in the future.

No Voltigeurs, Flag changed...ready to disembark in Alexandria

The Eureka miniatures are just fantastic. I've said this before on other manufacturers but the reason is I pick my minis very carefully these days. This French are really a different level with so many different figures full of character in the range. Even for this marching unit I needed just a few doubles. And the quality is superb. No mould lines, flash, broken bayonets or other annoying defects I still experience with other popular manufacturers. On top of that the sculpts have a great definition which helps painting greatly. They are somewhat pricey though, especially in Europe. I've ordered in the USA and another batch for pickup at Salute to reduce costs a bit.
Finally customer service from Eureka USA ans Australia was excellent so what can I say? I'm a happy customer..
Flags are from GMB Design. 

Not sure when I will paint the next battalion. Hopefully another one this year but I need to finish the Mexican skirmish force first for a game in December. January we go back to ACW to prepare our Gettysburg refight in July.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beja rebased

I'm breaking my own rule here. I hate rebasing and I don't think any ruleset  should dictate me how to exactly base my figures but in this case I make a very rare exception. Only because I really didn't like how they turned out at first but more importantly, as you will read below, they deserved it.
I painted those three years back and I remembered well how quick you can actually finish them. Think I spent 2 or 3 evenings and they were all done. Problem then was we had a game the day after my third evening so at one at night I grabbed some bases, dipped them in GW Sand and considered them done.
I should probably do it more often because this mob is by far the most successful unit I have ever gamed with. Everyone in our club still remembers how they drove off the British and captured the fortified town in a heroic assault (thanks TFL for the Riot in the town card). This all in the first ten minutes of the battle.
Next Sunday we have a Sudan game again and the expectations for these brave beja are very high. So to help them with their new status I provided them with new new bases. It also helps that all the others use this basing as well. I think my tactic will be to hide them amongst all their brothers to only jump out to deliver the final blow and steal the fame once more. 

Anyway, on to the pictures. I know to be really impressive you need a lot more (like this angry mob from One man and his brushes) but the sight of them here today will cause the British players for our Sunday game a couple of sleepless nights for sure. Three more days to paint up more gatling guns guys...

This is how they looked

Bases in water

Rebasing was easier than I thought. After I've left the base drowned in water for a couple of days I could remove the figs without any problem.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Boothill Miniatures Mexicans 2

Today the second group of the Mexican skirmish  army I'm currently working on. Again great sculpts from Boothill Miniatures.  For the blue I've used Andrea 2nd shadow as darkest colour which is highlighted by Foundry B and C. Red was done with GW Mechrite as a base and highlighted with Foundry redcoat B and Vallejo Scarlet. Finally black, this was highlighted using Vallejo black grey and Foundry rebel grey A.

Just noticed there is huge difference of the quality of the pictures depending on the computer I use. I know this is due to my own diplay/settings but I'm confused which one is correct, are they blurry or acceptable?