Monday, February 20, 2012

Vikings for SAGA point 5: More hirdmen

Another group of Hirdmen, this time led by a retired Berserker who likes his parties. I guess his well fed belly more than makes up for the extra armour point he gets leading these guys.
The Hirdmen are from Crusader, retired berserker from the Foundry Viking range. Shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios.

I've created a gallery with all Vikings here...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vikings for SAGA, point 4: more Bondi

4 points finished and ready for a first game. Probably next week. Another point of Hearthguard and 12 archers (hopefully they are of any use, don't really like the idea of including them) on the paint bench before I move to the civilians, carts, casualties etc to enrich the gaming table.
Again a mix of manufacturers and the shield transfers from Little Big men Studios.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vikings for SAGA. Point 3: Bondi

First of two (maybe 3)groups of Bondi. Next group will follow very shortly and then I have 4 points to put up a first test game to see if the game will live up to it's expectations.

In the meantime I'm recovering parts of this blog since a lot of the pictures went missing recently. With a nice piece of Apple's new hardware I decided to migrate to iCloud last week. Wrong decision. As a long time user of their products I also used their internet galleries. They announced these end of life last year but stated that you can use them until June 2012; also if you migrated. Well, not for me. Two days after my move to iCloud the galleries were deleted..Gone. Together with the pictures on the blog that were sourced from the galleries. Fortunately I quit using the galleries after 10 blogposts or so and I still have copies but it's time consuming to put them all back. In the meantime Apple support is working on it now but I don't think they will be able to get all the pictures back in a way they link back to the blog. Anyway, I'm frustrated and I rather paint or browse the blogs instead of this %$@.