Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mexican Artillery

These are the last Mexicans painted for the battle at casa Phollohombre next week. They are ready to shoot at anything that comes into range (and yes guys I will finally use my new set of dice). I look forward to the game and to see what the others of our group come up with but I will definitely post an AAR and some pictures of their troops as well.
I did not want to paint a gun at this time so I just grabbed one from a Nap Bavarian army for the pictures. If all goes well we plan another game for the Mexicans next year and I'll be back painting the Cazadores and some other minis (Texians) of the excellent Boothill Miniatures range.
More pictures and the complete Mexican gallery over here

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mexican Dismounted Cavalry

Before I start speed painting for the Annual Painting Challenge over at Curt's place I'm finishing up some more Mexican units for our Xmas game. These guys will be defending casa Phollohombre so I won't need them mounted this time. If the game and period proves fun I'll paint the mounded figs as well.  Next up some artillery to help them out.
Again Boothill Miniatures, and once more they are awesome sculpts..