Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eureka Miniatures Early French Battalion 3

The third battalion for my Napoleonic Early French project done. This time it's a 24 man battalion plus command instead of the 36 man sized units I painted before. Our group here decided to reduce the standard battalion size a bit in the hope we can get them on the table a bit sooner. While 36 looks better I think 24 still looks OK but for painting it makes a huge difference. Well to me anyway, it's something psychological with those 36 sized units. When you start it it feels like a major project that will take ages to finish while a 24 sized unit feels just as another thing on the painting desk.
I will rearrange the other battalions so they gan go both ways but now I only need to paint 48 more to have six of them finished :-)

This was my final submission for the annual Painting challenge @Analogue Hobbies. It's in the fortnight theme bonus round which I recommend you to check if you did not already as there are some insane good entries over there. This is what I posted:
For the last stands in this years challenge I finally managed to get a decent sized unit done.  I love firing lines in an army. They are not the most practical for gaming but any of my armies needs at least one.
These excellent Eureka miniatures are initially painted for the Wars of the Third Coalition but I will allow them to be fielded up to 1807 and use them with a simple flag swap for the Revolutionary wars in Europe and even Egypt. So these battalions will give me a great base to expand on and paint up theatre specific units for the various armies in the future.