Monday, February 11, 2013

15mm WWII US Infantry 'The Big Red One'...part 2 and a few game pics

This week the second part of the American Infantry company and a couple of gaming pics.  Finished a Mortar and HMG platoon, a sniper and bazooka team. Thought I was done for now but I realized I'm one command base short. Kind of dumb, I can't even count. So paints back on the desk and will post them in the final part together with the recon troops and the Thunderbolt. I will leave the armored stuff for the future. The others in the group have tons of it so first a couple more games and see if it sticks.

Some pictures I took from a few Normandy games we played over the last weeks. Minis and terrain all from Marc and Rob Suchet who are responsable for my return to 15mm flames of war..Thx guys