Monday, June 18, 2012

Boothill Miniatures Mexicans

Ouch, It has been over two months now and finally I found the energy for another post. I returned from Salute with bags full of superb figures and many great ideas but somehow the whole thing lost me. Probably an overkill and I needed to recharge the battery...So I switched off the computer and cleaned the desk from all paints and miniatures. 
Anyway, I'm being more and more inspired lately. Played a great Carlist game last week (report soon) and in two weeks time I'm hosting a mini SAGA tournament. Also managed to get a couple of painting sessions last week.

These 28mm Mexicans are from Boothill Miniatures and IMO fantastic sculps. Great quality and easy to paint. Did a minor conversion replacing the musket for a standard on the now standard bearer.

Added a Mexican Gallery with some more pictures for the Alamo fans.