Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vikings for SAGA, point 2: Berserkers

Yesterday I realized it was exactly one year ago I started this blog. It's been really nice to see it slowly grow through the year and had good fun making new virtual friends with as one of the highlights a game with Blogosphere celebs Ray and Fran during my holiday in Kent.
Time for the hobby is a bit limited for me the next months but I will try to keep up the one post a week schedule. And I will keep them shorter :-)

Berserkers: two from Artizan, one Crusader and one unknown (Gripping Beast?)

My flesh recipe for the Berserkers:
Vallejo red leather basecoat. Highlighted Foundry expert Flesh B to E

Monday, January 16, 2012

Vikings for SAGA, point 1

The fist unit for my Viking SAGA warband. Easy first point with only 4 minis. Hope I get all 6 points and some extras done before the end of February. Models from Artizan except for the one swinging the Axe who is from Foundry. Shield decals are from the excellent Little Big Men Studios.


The next unit on it's way....Berserkers

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Viking Warlord for SAGA

First project for 2012 is a Viking warband for SAGA. So first up is the Jarl who will be commanding the raiders. I intent to do 6 points and some extra villagers,wagons, casualties, etc. I might do another faction if the game is fun enough and I'm still motivated when these are done.

The nice thing about the Dark Ages is that we are spoiled for choice of good models from many manufacturers. Downside is that you spent too long deciding which models to pick for your units and how to compose a vignette..After a start with some attacking poses I decided I liked this one better so started to experiment to create rocks out of cork. Really easy actually, the only hard thing was to get the feet instead of the base om the rock. You could remove the base and then pin it but I just carved a hole the size of the base and put the mini in the cork. Fill it up with plastic putty and done..The moss was done using foam that comes with a blister pack. Massive Voodoo has an excellent tutorial on this.

The Warlord was posted yesterday @Analogue Hobbies as part of the AH speed painting challenge. I'm about 1000 points behind and no real contender but it's real fun seeing the entries from all over the world each day.

Next Saturday an ACW game to kick off the year. Immediately after I leave on a business trip for a week so the next update in two weeks time.