Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to blogging with some Nap battle pics

After a long summer/painting/blogging break I recently picked up the brush again and decided it's time to re-enter the blogosphere. My RSS reader (Gruml) is telling me I've missed about 4000 posts so you guys have been pretty busy this summer. I've marked them all to read now knowing I missed out on lots of good stuff.
Had a great holiday and I could go on for hours talking about it but I guess I better stick to the topic here.

To get started again a couple of pictures from a French-Prussian game Rob, Jacco and I played last June using General de Brigade. Can't remember (erased) a lot of the battle except that the French Dragoons were far more effective than I liked them to be.  It was the start of Nap campaign organized by Rob. Don't have much details yet but I will try to convince him to do a post here again.

Tomorrow night a FoW desert game organized by our FoW fans Sam, Marc and Rob Suchet. They prepared a scenario and the idea is that we play the same scenario using I ain't been shot mum in a couple of weeks time to experience the differences ourselves. More on that later.