Monday, December 19, 2011

2011, year of the rebs

It's that time of the year again so first of all: Fijne Kerstdagen en een gelukkig 2012!

On the wargaming front it was ACW only this year and since I quit the project for half a year or so I thought it was a good time to do a little overview. For the first time I only did one period with the benefit that I can clearly see what I produced in a year, which is about 250 figures. Not bad, not overly impressive but I'm very happy with it.

Strangely enough it was not difficult to stay with ACW for a full year. There were three main things that really helped keeping the focus on the project.
-Start with skirmish gaming to get the painted units on the table asap. In our case we started with the excellent Terrible Sharp Sword rules to get going. After each game we always wanted to paint more. When we had enough we start using Guns at Gettysburg for Brigade level games. Now, we have a choice..
-Blogging. I started blogging early 2011 which really helped as well. All the encouraging comments, new cyberfriends and reading a lot of your good blogs are a good boost to stay productive and stay engaged in the hobby.
-The koopclub. As everybody in the club got the ACW bug it soon became the norm to paint ACW Regiments and have some new stuff ready for each next game. In the OOB for our new year's game are 18 Regiments and 4 Batteries per side. Starting with zero I think that's quite an achievement for such a small club with so many interests..

Anyway,  Couple of overview pictures from the 2011 painting. Battle reports will follow in 2012, and some new additions of course...All details, close-ups etc are in this ACW Gallery

Next week the start of a SAGA Viking Warband here as they enter the 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge over @Curt's blog. Should be fun trying to avoid the bottom place.
Merry Christmas.