Friday, September 30, 2011

Sharp Practice supplement for FIW

A couple of days ago I received a short email from Rob van S, going by the name of Suchet on the internet. He just wanted to inform our group that the TFL Summer edition included rules for playing F&I: La Longue Carabine.  A Sharp Practice supplement for the French Indian Wars.

Well, thanks, nice to know Suchet. And thanks again since we all know our group is so easily distracted that such a simple email often means some figure and terrain traders can expect orders in the very near future. I suspect that this will be the case now as well. Our 2011 ACW group project is coming to an end and we all like this period a lot. People are dusting off their canoes at this very moment.

The news of the supplement reached us rather slow  as it was released in june I believe. But what more can you expect with a messenger like Suchet. It is exciting news for me though. I feel SP is an ideal ruleset for this period as it will be able to capture the feel of the period. Even more so then it does for what it is originally designed for IMO.
Inspired by this all I dug in to the archives and found a couple of pictures from games back in 2006. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of your fort and all the other troops Suchet. I'm sure they will pop up here soon.
We used This Very Ground rules by Iron Ivan games back then. Unlike their excellent Disposable heroes set this did not work for us making the news even more exciting.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Confederate firing line...under fire

The latest addition to the ACW collection, a firing line  from Steve Barber Models. I really like those models a lot. They come with seperate heads and bodies so you can vary what you want and they provide enough options to make any unit different. They fit in nicely with the other popular brands and they have marching poses and right shoulder shift available as well. You will see those appear on the blog in the next month.
I've tried to make this unit a bit more interesting using the fallen standard bearer miniature who looks up to his Colonel in despair and someone trying to take over the flag while the regiment is taking some hits. 

Flag GMB Design
Added the Regiment to the ACW Gallery

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Renegade rebels march in

Another regiment from Renegade miniatures done for Bennings Brigade. They were just ready for our last game and already  did some marching on the battlefield as you may have noticed in last post.
Decided to make a full Renegade only brigade and have one regiment and some skirmishers to go. For another brigade I'm finishing a firing line from Steve Barber miniatures which I will post next week. Flag is GMB Designs

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Guns at Gettysburg report

Two weeks ago the group came together for a first game using Guns at Gettysburg rules by David Brown. As you have noticed on the number of ACW posts on this blog our club theme this year is ACW. Our aim is to have about five infantry brigades a side ready for our new years game early January. Against all odds we are ahead of planning and in the meantime we play some games to stay inspired. I'm surprised the group keeps his focus so long and i think our approach to start gaming Terrible Sharp Sword and grow to a larger scale over time really worked well.
For our regiment based games we picked Guns at Gettysburg. Main reason is we like General de Brigade and do not want to bring in yet another system. Could have gone for the Elephant rules by TFL since we are using Lardie rules a lot and we might do a test drive with those as well to see if we like them. But so far, we like GaG.

 The game itself was good fun. One player unfortunately could not make it so we had to adjust the scenario as the Union now missed five regiments. This was also a good and now legal opportunity for Marc 'Mudwall' to hold on to his tradition of finding cover asap as seen in our previous games. This time however, the fences did not save him as the Rebels ferociously charged and routed the 16th Michigan from behind their cover (I must say the double six helped). We deployed a bit too far apart but it also meant we could see how movement and formation worked.
Anyway, not a lot of time today so some pictures of the game...

Complete gallery of the day on photobucket and Rob Pohlman created a gallery with some great shots of his Rebs here
Overview after a couple of turns moving

Rebs moving in 1


Battle for the bridge. Due to quick and decisive movement the Confederates got there first. No charges unfortunately, they faltered when they got the attack order

The first wave is getting in

with success
More thought on the rules and it's mechanics follow after we played one or two more games. Next few weeks a couple of new regiments arrive on the blog and I need to sort out some old pictures to post variation...