Monday, July 27, 2015

20mm WW2 - US M3A1 halftracks

Well, these took me a while to finish. They were 90% done in Januari and I've been staring at them on my workbench since. Until last month... I finally had the courage to paint the stowage and do some final weathering so I could clear them from my desk. 
These will be useful as support options for CoC  but I particularly look forward using them in a Bartlegroup Overlord game. We use this rules for our platoon+ multi-player games and we have been struggling with the infantry to keep up with the armour. Probably our mistake as we are learning the game but at least I now have more options deploying the infantry.
Just a few more US vehicles to post, in the meantime I just started work on the Germans...Cammo :)

1/72 Halftracks are from The Plastic Soldier Company. Extra stowage from Black Dog and the figures are AB.