Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Perry Desert Rats & some terrain

Holiday is over so time to get back to the hobby and see what's everybody been doing recently to get some fresh inspiration.
Unfortunately I did not have many games over the last few months but I managed to get a platoon and some buildings done for our 28mm Chain of Command desert WWII games.

These are from the Perry plastic boxed set with some metals thrown in for a bit of variety. Now I've never been a fan of plastics but I must say these are the first I actually like (and I tried many:). Easy to assemble, good variety and proportions and a joy to paint. This can't be said of the metals though, I really struggled with those. Yes, great poses but the quality is just poor IMO. It takes longer to clean the figure than to build a plastic and you get lesser quality which was a pain to paint. The 2 pdr model was good though and my favourite of the range.

For terrain I ordered some buildings from The Colonial Steamboat company. Great models and they come with a decent basic paintjob so you can use them straight away. I actually painted the bases to match the desert mat and put a few lighter colours on them. After this I went on to experiment with the modelmates products for weathering. I was so impressed with the effects you can achieve with these liquids that I went a bit overboard with the weathering. But no problem here, I have't sealed the effect yet so with some water I can still remove it.

Original building from colonial steamboat company

and a scenery piece from The Last Valley, repainted as well