Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salute 2011 and a Freebie

Salute freebie
Already bored of all the ACW on this blog lately? Well, Salute just passed so this is the time to get distracted from current projects. A full day of shopping and admiring the gorgeous tables usually means I drop everything at hand and start something completely new. This year again I was impressed by some demo games and tempted to run to the nearest trader who had at least something of that period.

I was too busy (uhm lazy) too get my camera out on the day but there are many show reports out there and a huge picture walkthrough to be found here. Highlights for me were the The Battle of Maldon by Gripping Beast,  the Peninsular battle by League of Augsburg,  Gallipoli 1915 Warlord Games, The battle of Verneuil and the two ECW games: Battle of Worchester 1651 and By The Pike Divided. I always thought gaming ECW must be boring but who cares if it looks like this.

New minis
So for the people not in to ACW I did buy myself into a new period. And since I already own an unpainted ECW army (the grey one unfortunately) I bought some revolutionary French from Trent. Should go nice with the Brigade ones I hope...Bought a lot more additions to other unpainted armies but the major investment goes to the scenery again. Tons of painted fences, trees etc and a huge river set.
But with the main theme being ACW and a fantastic freebie I could not resist painting straight away, I am still inspired to finish the ACW army. Thank God.

 A word on the plastics. These minis are everywhere nowadays and new army releases are announced by the day. Good news because it gives us choice and they are cheap but it's just different IMO. Painted twelve Nap British some time ago and decided to quit them. Did just one French greatcoat to test them out and they were OK to paint and assemble.
Saturday I got excited (or confused) and bought another box of plastics. Early French. Opened up the box yesterday and closed it real quick to put it in the bottom drawer. Looking at all the sprues made me remember the time it took me to assemble them and why I put them away in the first place. No way, not that again. Give me metal. They even take up less storage space.

The one and only painted plastic Perry


  1. Lovely paint job on both miniatures. Really like both the painting and the pose of the rebel officer.


  2. Great job on the Salute Freebie.

  3. Top notch paint job Michael and it was great to see you.

  4. I have planned for a while to get myself to Salute 1 year but life keeps getting in the way. Probably just as well as it would be a bit difficult getting all the goodies back up to Scotland and then trying to sneak it past the wife!

  5. Thanks for the comments. PaulA, you have another year to make up your strategy. You missed some great demonstration games including the one one from Paul Darnell who commented as well on the post. Check out his blog and I am sure we will meet next year :-)

  6. I've got one waiting on my painting table! You can't have too many posts about ACW in my opinion. I've got to agree - metal is just better. For me its about the sharper detailing which makes painting much more enjoyable.

  7. Beautiful job on that mounted Confederate officer - bravo!

    I don't mind the plastic stuff (the Perry cav is quite inspired imo), but I agree, assembling the stuff can often put a damper on the ole' enthusiasm. If you think the Perry is 'bad' then you would despise Victrix's 6+ piece models. I got through one box (and granted was pleased the results) but I'm not sure if I can muster the strength to do another.



  8. Nice work on the minitatures! I'm officially jealous. ;)

    Plastics may have a use for massed formations, ancient warriors and the like. I've yet to buy any for myself so I guess I can't really comment until I've tried 'em out.

  9. Excellent paint job on the freebie & the plastic too. Really can't afford the 28mm cost and thinking of trying the 15mm but my eyes just aren't that good anymore. Although I haven't done any plastics, just don't think they would be detailed enough, and would present problems. Geez, just learning how to paint metal.